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The most powerful university degrees and the best majors in the world in terms of salary

 Are you planning to start your journey to study abroad ? Do you need to know the best university majors or the most powerful degrees in the world that can help you work in a successful and profitable job at the same time? Read this article to learn about the best university majors in terms of salary for graduates!

In today's job market, obtaining a bachelor's degree is almost essential to obtaining a rewarding and well-paying job with career advancement potential. A bachelor's degree is almost necessary to enter most professional careers.

If you are starting your educational journey abroad to study undergraduate and obtain a bachelor's degree, then you should search for the most powerful bachelor's degrees in the world that will guarantee you the highest salary. Know very well that your educational journey is valuable and that a bachelor’s degree in itself is a great investment in your future that you should prepare for it well. Not all university degrees are equal in the long-term fruits that you will reap from them, and the impact of a university degree may outweigh the impact of your choice of the university in which you will study in terms of future return.

What are the top 10 university majors in terms of salaries?

According to Payscale's report on the best university degrees in terms of salary for the year 2021, the following table shows the top 10 university majors (bachelors) that offer their graduates the opportunity to obtain the highest salaries in the labor market. As you can see in the table, the best majors in terms of salary are bachelor's degrees that mostly focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines, which is known as STEM programs. Certificates in these majors remain among the highest paying degrees year after year.

ranking*University Specialization (Bachelor)Type of certificateSalary at the start of careerSalary mid-career
1Petrol EngineeringBachelor's$93,200$187,300
2Operations research and manufacturing engineeringBachelor's$84,800$170,400
3Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceBachelor's$108,500$159,300
4Interactive designBachelor's$68,300$155,800
5public accountingBachelor's$59,800$147,700
6Operations researchBachelor's$83,500$147,400
7Applied Economics and ManagementBachelor's$66,100$146,400
8business computingBachelor's$73,000$143,600
9Actuarial mathematicsBachelor's$64,300$143,400
10Electrical power engineeringBachelor's$76,100$142,600

*Rank based on mid-career salary. Source: Payscale College Salary report

Other majors with high starting salaries for graduates included:

  • Computer Systems Engineering: $79,000
  • Systems Engineering: $77,700
  • Chemical Engineering: $76,900
  • Pharmacy : $68,600

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Tip: Choose your major wisely!

Now I know the best university majors in terms of salary. But which of these majors would be the best for you to study? Since you are planning your professional future, we advise you to choose your major wisely. This is because the study program you will choose is the one that will prepare you to work in the required jobs and provide you with the skills necessary to succeed in your field.

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