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The highest salaries in Australia in

 Millions of international students pursue undergraduate programs that prepare students for high-paying, well-paying jobs after graduation. To help you with that, in this article we have brought you an in-depth look at the 10 best and highest paying jobs in Australia , and you will learn with us about the programs of study that will prepare you for this career path that you want to reach.

10. A data scientist

Average salary: 99,510 Australian dollars

This job involves analyzing huge amounts of data. And you will need to have a bachelor's degree in a major such as information technology , computer science, mathematics, physics, or some other scientific discipline, because the data scientist must have a strong knowledge of programming languages ​​in addition to his scientific background in a scientific field such as science, technology or engineering or mathematics.

9. Doctor

Average salary: 103,400 Australian dollars

The healthcare system in Australia is one of the best in the world. Graduates of this field in Australia specialize in specific areas such as surgery, anesthesiology, and psychiatry. In fact, a medical student in Australia learns within an intensive and superior education system of international repute.

8. Occupational Welfare Manager

Average salary: 110,520 Australian dollars

Have you heard about this job before? Well, this Professional Welfare Manager is a mainstay of any Australian company's HR department. He is the person entrusted with facilitating the work and supporting the health, physical and mental well-being of the employees, and he must increase job satisfaction in the work sectors and keep employees at a high level of productivity and perseverance by developing employees’ skills and encouraging them to be creative.

7. Construction and Contracting Manager

Average salary: 111,390 Australian dollars

It is a function concerned with managing and supervising the various workers in the framework of construction projects and providing guidance regarding various operations within the various construction projects. Students who wish to work as construction managers must graduate from relevant degree programs such as civil engineering, project management and construction.

6. Cloud engineer

Average salary: 111,590 Australian dollars

This cutting-edge, modern job can be further broken down into sub-roles such as Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer, and Cloud Systems Engineer. If you are interested in this profession, you should enroll in programs of study such as computer science, engineering or other related fields.

5. Analytics Manager

Average salary: 118,820 Australian dollars

It is one of the many jobs related to data science, and is concerned with managing teams of data scientists and analysts and leading them to achieve their goals. This profession requires the ability to process and understand data. To fill this position, you must study Computer Science, Cyber ​​Security Applications, and Applied Systems Analysis.

4. IT Security Engineer

Average salary: 124,190 Australian dollars

Since we live in a digital world where everything is based on electronic data, online privacy, and cyber security, computer data protection is of paramount importance to every person and every business in the world. For this reason, engineers in this specialty receive high wages, which explains the demand of students to study university programs related to this profession, such as computing and information technology programs.

3. IT Director

Average salary: 125,660 Australian dollars

The IT manager role is a combination of business development skill and technical knowledge with a strong computing or IT background, in addition to a recognized project management certification.

2. Engineering Director

Average salary: 132,350 Australian dollars

This employee needs to have an engineering background, but to gain more experience in this position, you will need to take additional courses in management and supervision.

1. IT systems engineer

Average salary: 139,690 Australian dollars

This position focuses on designing, building and testing complex and highly sensitive computer systems. For this reason, a systems engineer must be well versed in computer systems and software, in addition to his experience in the field of computer servers.

Among the university study programs that qualify for this job are: software engineering, computer science, in addition to mastering speaking and writing skills.

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