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The best British universities in the Guardian rankings

 The Guardian University Guide is one of the most popular university rankings . This guide specializes in ranking UK universities and helps you to evaluate and compare different UK universities based on several factors, such as teaching quality, student satisfaction, and graduate outcomes.

How does the Guardian Guide rank UK universities?

The Guardian University Ranking differs from other popular rankings in that it focuses on students' viewpoints and opinions on studying at the university as an evaluation criterion. The Guardian ranking of universities is based on 9 basic factors of interest to the student in his academic life, such as student satisfaction with the study program, the quality of teaching, the amount spent by the university per student, the percentage of students who get a job after graduation, and so on.

Evaluation factors in the Guardian University Rankings

  1. University entry criteria (15%)
  2. Student to teacher ratio (15%)
  3. Spending per student (5%)
  4. Completion of the academic track (10%)
  5. Teaching quality (10%)
  6. Students' satisfaction with teachers' feedback (10%)
  7. Overall satisfaction of students (5%)
  8. Value Added Scores (15%)
  9. Employment opportunities for graduates (15%)

Scientific majors classified in the Guardian Guide to Universities

The Guardian University Guide contains the ability to classify universities according to their quality in specific fields of study. The directory includes a classification of 54 majors, enabling you to find out the best British universities in the major that you prefer.

What are the top 10 universities in the Guardian University Guide 2022?

The Guardian Guide ranks British universities according to 9 factors, which make up a total score of 100. These are the top 10 universities in the Guardian UK University Rankings 2022:

the university

Guardian score out of 100

1- University of Oxford100
2- University of Cambridge97.8
3- University of St Andrews96.8
4- London School of Economics91.6
5- Durham University86.5
6- University of Warwick85.3
7- Imperial College London84.9
8- University of Bath84.7
9- University College London82.0
10- Loughborough University81.5

Source: Guardian University Ranking Table 2022

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