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Ranking of the best universities in Egypt

 Have you ever thought about studying in the best Egyptian universities? In our next guide, you will find all the information you need to start this distinguished academic journey!

The first model in the world of the university or educational institutions and libraries goes back to Egypt, where the Egyptian temples represented centers of cultural, scientific and educational radiation in various parts of Egypt, where knowledge was transferred from generation to generation in various fields. Examples of these ancient educational institutes are the temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo, in addition to the Temple of Ptah in the capital "Min Nefer" and many others, where medicine, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, philosophy, and other disciplines were taught.

This prestigious Egyptian educational legacy with global influence and reach has continued throughout the ages, to the extent that Egypt currently has one of the oldest operating and continuous universities in the world, which is Al-Azhar University, which was founded in 970 AD.

Advantages of studying in Egypt

Currently, there are many factors that may encourage you to study in Egypt, such as the prestigious universities, the low cost of living in the country in general, and the opportunity for you as a student in Egypt to learn about the unique identity of this unique African-Islamic Mediterranean country.

For many international students, studying in Egypt is a great opportunity to explore a different and exceptional culture that has no equal in the world. Most importantly, studying in Egypt gives you the opportunity to build distinguished experiences and conduct pioneering research in many disciplines such as archaeology, anthropology, medical genetics, climatology, prehistoric sciences, botany, water sciences, agricultural engineering, marine sciences, materials science, geology, mining engineering, and many other scientific fields.

How many years of study are required for university application in Egypt?

If you plan to study at an Egyptian university, you must have completed at least 12 years of primary and secondary education. Egypt aims to raise the level of competitiveness of its universities and institutes at the international level. This North African country hosts more than 70 public and private universities where millions of students study, in addition to many institutes of higher education and postgraduate studies.

The degrees of these universities and institutes are organized and approved by the Supreme Council of Universities. In most colleges, the duration of studying a bachelor's degree is at least four years divided into two semesters. Other degrees such as diplomas, masters and doctorates are also available.

What are the best universities in Egypt?

According to the Times World University Rankings 2020, the following table shows the best universities in Egypt:

the universityTimes ranking 2020
Aswan University401–500
Mansoura University401–500
Suez Canal University501–600
French University in Egypt601–800
Cairo University601–800
Kafr El Sheikh University601–800
Ain-Shams University801–1000
the American University in Cairo801–1000
Banha university801–1000
Tanta University801–1000

The best universities in Egypt according to the QS 2020 World University Rankings

the universityQS Ranking 2020
the American University in Cairo395
Cairo University521 – 530
Ain-Shams University801 - 1000
Alexandria University801 - 1000
Assiut University801 - 1000

Source: QS 2020 World University Rankings

What are the best majors in Egypt?

Some Egyptian universities excel globally in specific fields such as:

  • the pharmacy
  • pharmacology
  • Medicine
  • Paleontology
  • architecture
  • Linguistics and modern languages
  • Trade and management
  • Arts and Humanities

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What is the cost of undergraduate study in Egypt?

According to the QS website , tuition fees in Egypt are calculated in some universities based on credit hours. The total number of credit hours you need to spend on studying varies depending on your program and major, but in general your studies will take between 15 to 20 credit hours, and that costs international students about $500 per hour.

At the American University in Cairo, for example, international undergraduate students pay between $14,556 and $19,400 per year, depending on the number of credits they take.

On the other hand, the cost of living in Egypt is much lower than in European and North American countries. According to Numbeo reports, the cost of living in Egypt is 61% lower than the cost of living in Britain. For example, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment in Egyptian cities for about $148. In addition, the prices of popular meals spread in Egypt are not exorbitant at all.

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What about scholarships in Egypt?

Some Egyptian universities such as Cairo University, Alexandria University, Zewail City of Science and Technology ZC, and the American University in Cairo offer scholarships to both Egyptian and foreign undergraduate and postgraduate students.

There are more than 90 educational scholarships in Egypt in various fields, and these scholarships are funded by various governmental and private agencies. Examples of such grants include the Zewail City Fellowships and the Nile Basin Scholarship at Alexandria University.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and are contested by students with special qualifications such as those who are gifted academically, athletically or artistically, and students who are financially unable.