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10 cheapest universities to study in America!

 If you are thinking of getting an undergraduate degree from one of the best universities in America, but are concerned about tuition fees, think no more. We have done our own research and found the Cheapest Universities in America for International Students. Contact IDP to help you achieve your academic dream.

Advantages of studying in America

There are many advantages to studying in America for outstanding international students seeking an outstanding education. Get to know them below:

  • Universities and educational institutions in America have prestigious academic standards and adhere to rigorous practices to maintain the quality of education.
  • Offering plenty of academic opportunities as the colleges offer a myriad of courses and programs to choose from.
  • The presence of a number of large student societies that support international students.
  • A great opportunity to learn about other cultures and different ways of living.

Top 10 Cheapest Universities in America

Learn about the 10 best and cheapest universities in America, and explore more about tuition and accommodation fees together. If you need to know more about the cost of living in America and how to manage it besides tuition fees, it's time to speak to one of our advisors at IDP to help you with this matter.

Find out more about the 10 cheapest universities in America for international students, what the average tuition fees are for each university, and their undergraduate and master's programs.

University NameCityAverage annual tuition feesThe most important majors
Western Michigan UniversityCala Mosa, Michigan$32,104Data analysis, engineering, psychology, journalism, and more.
California State University - FresnoFresno, California$28,181Science, chemistry, business administration, media, and education.
California State University - Long BeachLong Beach, California$31,412Engineering, Education, Business Administration, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Liberal Arts.
Indiana State UniversityTerre Haute, Indiana$31,586Business Administration, Public Health, Science, Engineering, Technology, Public Services, Arts and Cultures.
University of WyomingNo Ramey, Wyoming$31,791Physics, Engineering, Healthcare, Medicine, and Media.
University of New MexicoAlbuquerque, New Mexico$35,186Archaeology, Fine Arts, Information Technology, Engineering, Biochemistry, and Global Studies.
Southern Illinois University- EdwardsvilleEdward Sville- Illinois$22,440Performing Arts and Music, Astronomy, Literature, Dietetics, International Business, Computer Science.
Illinois State UniversityNormal, Illinois$36,131Marketing, TV and film production, science, music, and social cultures.
Florida International UniversityMiami, Florida$29,492Legal Studies, Engineering, Sports, Education, Chemistry, and Business Administration.
Mississippi State UniversityMississippi, Mississippi$35,530Computer Science, Information Technology, Science, Business Administration, Geology, Dentistry, and Psychology.

Is planning to study in America difficult for you? IDP is here to help you choose the right course for your skills and financial budget, prepare the necessary paperwork for a travel visa, help you find housing to live in, and even introduce you to new friends.